The Share – 11/1/13

November 1, 2013

Study other industries, communities, and disciplines. Learn something new every day. Take what’s useful, set aside what isn’t (for now), and I’ll see you next time.

1. John Kay, a British economist, recommends five books that shed light on “economics in the real world.” Best line from the article: “You really have to be quite Aspergerish to take a stand against the crowd.” (Five Books)

2. A recent paper by researchers Pu Yang and David L. Roberts analyzes what games like Starcraft II and Defense of the Ancients reveal about strategies for multiplayer games. “A big part of their research consists of the idea that multiplayer games have coherent rules, structure, and internal logic. In a previous paper, the pair compared the internal knowledge rules of multiplayer games to similar patterns in hurricanes and international currency exchanges.” (Fast Company FastCo.Create)

3. On the challenges of measuring the impact of the sharing economy.  “‘It’s like an invisible economy,’ says Molly Turner, Airbnb’s director of public policy. And companies inside it need to get real sophisticated, real fast in figuring out how to measure this invisible economy, she says, because for many people this looks like an important part of the future of work. It could even be a big component in our understanding of why America’s jobs numbers look so lethargic.” (The Atlantic/Cities)

4. Eric Karjaluoto on the rise of smaller, more scoped online social networks that allow for deeper discussion, knowledge, and camaraderie. (Eric Karjaluoto’s blog)

5. Interesting commentary from futurist Scott Smith on “Superdense Futures” and the need for regular “Shipping Forecasts” to help navigate them. (Superflux blog)

6. Why my best ideas come at night…and why I’m near-sighted. (via 99u)

7. John Brockman, publisher of, is out with a new edited volume called Thinking: The New Science of Decision-Making, Problem-Solving, and Prediction.

8. The role of personal chemistry in a VC’s investment selection. (A VC)

9. Beware of happy-talking gurus. (The Big Picture)

10. The Infographic History of the World. Recently reviewed at Core 77.


Don’t be stupid. Invert. (Farnam Street)

Roll cage equipped drones shrug off impacts to keep flying. (DVice)


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