Studies and Analyses

Our research programs are designed to help you better understand your competitive position – where it stands, where it’s heading, and where the opportunities are. The approach we take will depend on the questions asked. We have a wide range of methods at our disposal:  

  • Analysis of long-term trends (technological, economic, etc.)
  • Scenario building and alternative futures analysis
  • War gaming
  • Case study analysis
  • Data analytics
  • Organizational analysis
  • Interviews and workshops with subject matter experts
  • Strategic assessment

Red Teaming and Brainstorming

The broad nature of our work means that we are constantly exposed to different points of view, different ways of doing business, and different approaches to problems. If you are scrutinizing ideas or simply kicking them around, consider adding our offbeat perspective to the discussion.

Strategic Scouting

Strategic scouting is a special advisory service designed to push your thinking in new directions. It requires us to get away from our desks and out into the world – for days or even weeks at a time – and engage in all kinds of learning on your behalf:

  • Conversations with innovators across the business, sports, and national security worlds;
  • Site visits to universities, think tanks, research labs, and leading-edge firms;
  • Industry meetings and professional conferences (SXSW, Advertising Week, AIA, CES, etc.);
  • Short-term embeds with organizations and communities of interest; and
  • Reading – voraciously – all the while. 

As your eyes and ears in the field, we will connect you with the ideas, people, and technologies worth paying closer attention to. Much of what we share will come from professions other than your own, and that cross-pollination is precisely what we want.  

The point of strategic scouting is to inform, inspire, and provoke – to shift your perspective.  When your thinking stays fresh and you can see the world from different angles, great things happen. You get ideas for amazing new products. You devise ingenious growth strategies. You are better prepared for surprises that come your way. You find better ways of doing business.